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I have devoted to love all dogs and revive this love in my dogs' progeny. Moreover, I am happy they reciprocate me. I would like to share this love with you, and in this crazy world to warm your homes and lives.
Afford to four-legged happiness
Thai Paragon kennel is professional home kennel. We don't have cages and chains. All our dogs walk free within the house and garden, we do not frame their motion and their natural lifestyle. We see our mission as to make the life of our dogs intense and happy. Our dogs have nice temperament and very good breeding. They are brave, active, curious, and friendly with people and other pets. We take great care of the best feeding a natural balanced diet to maintain and ensure good health, cheerfulness and a full life.

We have created the best conditions for the growth and development of puppies. They have their own large bright room, separated from other dogs, where mom and puppies are not disturbed. The room is equipped with educational games and has a separate exit to the street for walking, where there is also a specially equipped playground with sports equipment. And when the puppies grow up and become ready to communicate with their elders, we just open the doors. Young Thai Ridgebacks run freely around the house and territory together with other dogs, learning about this world and developing.
Puppies have the regime of walking and feeding, receive a complex of vitamins and trace elements for proper development and pass all stages of socialization in a timely manner. By the time they move to a new house, they are completely ready to adapt to new conditions without unnecessary stress. We have dedicated our lives to loving our dogs and reproducing this love in the puppies. We are very happy that they respond to us in return. We are ready to share this love with you, and in this difficult world to warm your homes and lives.


I am Elena Shinkareva
I am a professional cynologist,
dog handler and trainer

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